Pray 4 Love - Rod Wave

Pray 4 Love

Rod Wave

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'Pray 4 Love'

Trey made this beat
Life's been shit, bro
Like, after you like a, a baby, a child, a little kid
If you lucky enough, you know what I'm sayin'?
After you a child, bro, you gon' put up with this shit, man, for real
All this shit rough, man
You got a long road, boy, a cold one
Skraight up
They only love what you do for 'em
Only kinda love out here, my ni***

Who can you trust in this cold, cold world, better get a blanket
It's worse than the Wild, Wild West, this shit get dangerous
Never thought I'd see the day separate glitter from gold
Or friends turn into foes, but it's the life that I chose
And these hoes look so heaven sent, but be so devilish
Got spiteful ways, never seen it coming like a tidal wave
Get on my knees everyday, I ask God and prayed
That my dirty ways don't leave me to an early grave
One life to live and it's survival of the fuckin' fittest
Here come your rivals, when you winnin', they want competition
And did I mention niggas itchin' to be opposition?
Hittin' blocks to blocks with the extensions, now ain't no tension
Told my old lady how I'm feelin', she say I'm trippin
But she don't know I pray for love
On the block with the thugs, praying' that ni*** show us love
But ain't no love, so we get it out the mud
Momma made me feel like I overstayed my welcome
So I padded up my shit and went for [?] like where's the fellas?
I'm pretty sure they understand the way I feel
Hotbox the bucket, life about how cold the world is
Like ain't no love in this shit 'til you get rich and famous
And these hoes want rappers or ball players
It's hard to separate the fake, 'cause they chose us
Everybody showed up when we blowed up

Mm, mm
And that's real shit, you know what I'm sayin'
I pray for, ah, I pray for love, yeah
And you wonder why I question everything
Every female in my life, I'm talking 'bout everything, it wasn't no love in this shit
I pray for love
It's cold, real cold, you know what I'm sayin'
I pray for love, yeah, yeah, yeah
That's it, no love in this shit
I was out quick, I'm telling you
Ain't no love in this shit, dawg
Only after you succeed that's the only love out here, my ni***
This shit cold, bro, for real, that's why I
I pray for love, yeah, yeah, yeah
Nigga, ni***, [?] they gotta [?] ni*** gotta [?]
Ain't no love out here for us, I'm telling' you
Skraight up
Trey made this beat

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