Have A Nice Day Letra y canción

Abstract ft. RoZe

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HAVE A NICE DAY es una canción de Abstract y RoZe.


'Have A Nice Day'

When I woke up this morning, and the haters were up on me
I just told 'em stay up outta my way
Because I got a real bad temper
It's the middle of September
I don't think you wanna catch my case
Man, if you do so much as test me
Then it's bound to get ugly
When police gettin up all in my face
So to eliminate the problem I pop a bottle
And yell out sayonara and have a nice day

How could I know what it's like
How could I know of the life
Know a lotta artits who dont like to bring it to light
And I'm included in that I ain't sayin' it's right
But it's been pushed out the news
Don't look like change will happen soon
Donald Trump is all that they talk about
I'm tired of it too
They only talkin' 'bout racism
When a city's burning up
When cops are gettin' shot
And when the shooters gettin' caught
Peaceful protest rarely get a mention
Ya'll demented
This could be prevented
Ya'll sensationalize the violence just to get a check in
What's the message
Only gettin' heard when you draw the weapon
You wonder why these people gettin' hurt
You ain't learned your lesson
Interview yourselfs god damn it
That might answer questions
Look at how you rep it, whats projected
Fuck you Fox News ya'll won't ever get it
So I gotta step in
White man from the 307 tellin' ya'll I'm fed up with it


Word to Roze, I'll never relate to that
Might get pulled over
They check my ID and hit the gas
All these divisions, race, religion
Economic class
How are we free till realities can overlap
I've known what it's like
To live 'round dollars on dollars
And I know what's it like
To see that money get smaller
And I know what it's like
To live with and without god
But I'll never know life at systematical odds
Fucked how the system
Has played with all of our minds
Wish that we could see eachother
Through a child's eyes
No predjudice instilled
Manipulation of the wheel
One world under one sun over
One race that is human
We fight amongst ourselves like
What the hell are we doing
Shit is so outlandish
While we fuckin' up the planet
Fighting over someone's color
While our planets in the red
A miracle in a sunbeam ya
Ya'll know what I've said

[Refrain x2]