Gasoline Letra y Canción

bbno$ ft. Young King Dave y Yung Gravy

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GASOLINE es una canción de bbno$, Young King Dave y Yung Gravy.



[Young King Dave & bbno$:]
Young King Dave, bbno$, Yung Gravy
(Gravy Train)
Smoking big doinks
Big doinks, kid
Uh, bbno$

[Yung Gravy & bbno$:]
Honeymoon with your bitch, out in Nantucket
30 racks down like Fukkit, ay
Gravy might splash like a bucket (Gravy)
Hit a homerun, Kirby Puckett
Thottie think I'm tryna cuff it
Blow me like a trumpet
Bbno$, flexin' like I'm Warren Buffet
Little does she know, I play it like a Muppet
Only eat the muffin
Got my cash and token for the top, yuh
Broke my wrist just so I could pipe a nurse
Ice pack on, put the coochie in the hearse
Gravy, he the worst
Bought your bitch a purse
Booty so thick that it gave a boy a curse
Booty so thick, think it's witchcraft
Dictionary rap game, only spit facts
Lemme splish splash
Got about like 20 kisses from a kit kat
Lady's blue ball game feelin' like a class 5 whiplash, ay

Bitch, smash
Gravy all over my cash, ay
Young Johnny Cash (woah)
Gotta catch 'em all like Ash (Gravy Train)
Gravy, 'no$, steady makin' gasolina
Out in Pasadena with a momma named Tina, yuh
I been steady gettin' dirty with my dry cleaner
Course your bitch know that I'm like white cleaner
Off probation, only got a misdemeanor
Fuck a PO, had to sing it like Selena (ay)
Had the whole world yellin' "Free Lil' Steamer"
'Cause I cover up the booty with the fuckin' coffee creamer
Out in Amish with King Dave, it's nice to meet ya'
Smokin' big doinks, we ain't smokin' weak hashish, yeah
Motorboat a thot like I'm juggin' Mona Lisa
Cashin' out in China, but I do not got a visa

[Young King Dave:]
Rollin' this, rollin' 'em up
Pullin' up in the new truck
Smokin' on doinks from the earth
Rollin' up herb
Rollin' up herb
I get it for the low
I get it from bro
I go to the store
I'm sellin' the 'dro
We got loud
We got dope

That's off the dome piece
You know me
I'm such a fuckin' OG
Shootin' like Kobe
(Big doinks)

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