What Hook Letra y Canción

bbno$ ft. Trippy Tha Kid y Howl

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WHAT HOOK es una canción de bbno$, Trippy Tha Kid y Howl.


'What Hook'

Sippin black shit, till I'm ratchet
Feel electric, now I patch it
Got some granite, now I crack it
Imma piggy bank, clank clank
Hit my diamonds [?] these girls wanna dance
Spot the chance got no pants
Where my dickhead and my pants, ay
Cash out with a check, got a nice girl that's a check
Cop some Nike, cop a check
Ball too hard now in some debt
Got some nerf now you fret
Cough a lung I need some tacs
Skrr Skrr Skkr now I jet
Fuck them xans I ain't no bitch, yuh
Finna pay attention I'm your teacher in detention, ay
Only do this rap shit till I can cop myself pension, ay
Why you flexing so hard boy I think you got some tension, ay
Play this game so well I got you warming up the benches, ay
Cat, bat, heavy net, plastic bag until I'm dead
Tag, what you said, frat, yo gang 'bout to end up dead
Med school, pass school, f*** that shit I'm kinda cool
What I do, fine it's true, boy you think I got time for you, nah

[Trippy Tha Kid:]
Throwing up the peace sign, find me on the East side
We don't need no freak, no need, no peace, no pistol, weak guy
Bitch I'm on my heat, my brand new fleek gon' get you ordered on
I'm in the mood like ya'll you gotta do right
Boy get it right like all the time
I'm in the booth, night time and I'm zooming, gooning, ballooning, under mine
Bitch don't get in my way, don't get in my heart, don't get in my vibe, alright
I just wanna do me, you gotta do you, don't wanna lose all the vibes
Fuckin' around you buddy buddy get it dummy funny but we all the rhyme
This the key that gon' run it, don't f*** around with our money
This is the mood we on the moon, we boutta dip on the public
You better be wishin' you us, don't wanna be freaky with us
You tryna be dissin' on us, you boutta get kicked in yo guts
This the only way to get across I swear to God
I'm passing blue team after blue team, got my mission in the trunk
I gotta walk around my city with my shirt up like a scarf
Because they see me and they beat tryna kill me for the cause

Thank those bands or the man or catch those hands
Imma smack 'em with the handle on my grip you want my shit
Well bitch I'm mad as loud as a vandal
I'm so bad boy ran with the scandal
So much cash yeah Howl got his hands full
Blow up quick, blow up sets
Yeah I'm so lit like Baby with a candle yeah
I don't really think about it I just make my moves
I've been grinding quick, I'm sick, I'm with it, hit it with my crew
Had the lit, it hidden hit some city winning, watchin' you
Tryna copy me I stop and see you'll never cop my views, nah
How you be with me and dip on the cruise
But bet that you'll hit me to get ya produce
Caught up to buisness to see how I move
But all of ya tracks got me hitting the snooze, ay
Cooking up flavors all day, I see you craving and banging your plate
Savor the taste of the bangers I've made
I'm a major in flame gotta wave it away
Fan on my city I be whippin' through the limit
Drop a can down my leg will like it's grippin' boy I'm swimmin'
All the land is my mission boy I'm zippin' through and tripping
With the sauce that I be givin' finna floss I'm finger lickin' yuh

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