Robin Thicke

Fire It Up

Robin Thicke

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Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh-ooh
Fire it up (Fire it up)
Yeah, fire it up now (Ooh-ooh, yeah)

Don't you wanna see
If we're something supposed to be?
Or we're just a couple freaks
'Cause I want you, want you to love me

Fire it up
My sweetest dreams (Sweetest dreams)
My spirit love (Spirit love)
My energy (Energy)
Fire it up now
Hands on me (Hands on me)
My spirit needs (Spirit needs)
Your energy (Energy)
Fire it up

Baby, please
Say you used to be a tease
Let your body feel the beat
'Cause I want you, want you to want me

Fire it up, uh
Love me, love me (Love me, love me)
Don't let me go (Let me go)
Don't wanna be free (Wanna be free)
Fire it up now (Ooh, ooh)
Yes, indeed (Yes, indeed)
My spirit love (My spirit love)
My energy (My energy)
Fire it up

I want this to be
What my parents only dreamed
And I'm ready to believe
'Cause I want you, want you to love me
Fire it up

Sweet dreams, baby
Sweet dreams
Sweet, sweet dreams, baby (Sweet, ooh-ooh, ooh)
Sweet, sweet, sweet dreams, baby
Fire it up now
(Sweet, sweet dreams
Dream your dream)
Fire it up now
(Sweet, sweet dreams
Sweet sweet dreams)

Fire it up (Ooh)
Can't get enough (Can't get enough)
My spirit needs (My spirit needs)
Got me burning up (Burning up)
Fire it up now (Oh)
Can I get a hit (Can I get a hit?)
I'm feeling you (I'm feeling you)
You're feeling me (You're feeling me)
Fire it up now
Fire it up
Fire it up now (Ooh, ooh-ooh)
Dream your dream
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

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