High Tolerance de Lil Durk

High Tolerance

Lil Durk ft. Only The Family y NLE Choppa


[NLE Choppa:]
Yea uhh uhh
NLE the top shotta don dada

Me and gang we on them Percocets, the AR's and I'm clutching tecs
My choppa need a bra because I swear it got some perky man
I'm aggravated off this 30 in my zone I'm clutching chromes
a ni*** better not say nothing wrong cause Ima shoot him in his dome
And I was stuck up in the rain I had to wait till the rain go
Bullet showers on the opps cause we gonna make the rain pour
762's make em dance like the tango
They calling me a stripper cause I'm clutching on a dirty pole
We ain't going for nothing, pop him like a perc
Got the draco in my pants and the poke out my shirt
My bro on the block and he looking on lurk
Bitch you know how we coming put him in the dirt
Off a perc and a xan they say that I'm wilding
Got the feds on my ass the opps keep dying
Take a look at the news you think I'm lying
My plug got the pills you know that I'm buying

[Lil Durk:]
OD off them percocets (Percocets) [x12]

I put it on god won't cross my niggas
That made me mad gotta cross my fingers
They lost they man when I brought that steamer
Know a ni*** survive gotta hit with that nina

How the f*** you ain't tell you get a subpoena
Only the family bitch I'm a leader
Bitch I'll kill you give me a reason
ni*** I'll kill you give me a reason

I damn near OD off a xan
The opps on my dick they some fans
The coupe with the digital dash
Gucci signs flood my pants

He aint tryna come to the Chi no more
He ain't tryna die no more
Turn off the drugs get high no more
Kill two of your friends you don't slide no more

I won't forgive you, so you ain't gotta ask no more
And I found a plug he got exotic you ain't gotta tax no more
And they shot my dawg we ain't catch the killer so y'all can't lack no more
One thing I'ma say without getting involved but he can't rap no more

OD off them percocets (Percocets) [x12]

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