Françoise Hardy

Autumn Rendez-Vous - Letra

Françoise Hardy

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Now the summer days are ending,
leaves are falling, red and gold
Now the warmth of love is fading
and the nights are getting cold
From the east the wind is blowing,
now the sky's no longer blue
Overhead the clouds are growing,
summer's gone and so are you

You wanted to be free, love was
just a game to you
And you never meant to be at this
autumn rendez-vous

All the happiness life gave me
changed to emptiness today
Now that you no longer love me,
autumn's come, it's here to stay
Life seems empty now without you,
it's not easy to forget
I may learn to live without you but
I'll always feel regret

I would cry but it's no good, tears
won't bring you back to me
Though I'd stop you if I could,
I can't change what has to be

With the years I'll still remember
and in time the hurt will go
I'll forget this sad September and
be glad I loved you so