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Release... your heart, my heart...
Release, release...
Your heart, my heart... release

When, planes be crashing
And blood written
checks be cashing
To fund builders
who build pillars from
Ash and debris, from

Bones and metal, from
Fathers and daughters
and friends
and memories and hate
When suicide bombers

Be bombing
And high alerts
Be sounding
and never calming
Peoples' fears
and fright that,
Jesus is coming

That, world is ending
When, wars be waged
When, lives be sacrificed
not saved but never lost
When sense of security
be rattled found false

When skies were quiet
and clear and quiet
And blue that day
When, everything changed
What changed?
Who really changed?

your heart, my heart...
release, release...
your heart, my heart

Release your heart

So here I stand...
at the crossroads of my life
Do I choose plata or plomo?
Silver or lead

When boys be dying
on blocks everyday
An the TV
and the paper don't never say
Nothing about them
When tattered yellow paper flags
be taped
to forgotten project windows
When billowing waving flags
be perched
on car tops of bigots
And crooked politicians
Has anything changed?
What changed?
Who really changed?

When towers be falling
And Babylon be calling...
your name, my name
How will we answer?

With dread?
With faith?
With misplaced power
or power of prayer?

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