Noel Schajris


Part of me is missing,
part of me is broken.
When did we abandon touch?
Let's smoke a silent oath.

Suddenly uncertain
future undecided,
freedom of forever,
once we had both.

If the world is ending,
maybe we don't have to.
Where would we go?

Dancing without music,
life goes on in circles,
in opposite directions,
we collide because we must.

Collisions we depend on,
steering for the moment,
pretending we don't need for
this carousel of lust.

If the flood is coming,
if the arc is leaving, stay with me.
Be my mistake again,
till the love we make.

Fills our touch with swift confusion,
finds the truth in disillusion.
We make worry laugh.
I will take your breath away.

Until I find the words that start your heart,
when we confess that all is lost,
then we'll be home.

If the world is ending,
baby, we don't have to.
The love that lives in my memory wants to breathe again.
The love that lives in my memory wants to breathe again,
to breathe again, (breathe again)
breathe again, breathe again, breathe again.