​things i wish you said del álbum 'emails i can’t send fwd:'

​things i wish you said

Sabrina Carpenter

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La canción '​things i wish you said' se estrenó en 2023. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco emails i can’t send fwd:

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Baby, sorry I left you in the dark
I always reach for your leg over there on your side of the car
Baby, everything reminds me of you
Nobody gets my jokes, everyone here thinks I'm fuckin' rude

When I saw you cry, I didn't handle it well
Without you here I don't know what to do with myself

I think about these things at night
Before I fall asleep
Things I wish you said to me

Things like darling, I hope you know it scared me to death
The night that your sister said that you got in an accident
And God I, I'm watching everything that you do
I can't get your songs out of my head, or your hair out of my room

I saw you met somebody and I'm jealous as hell
That I can't even stomach loving somebody else
I think about these things at night before I fall asleep
Things I wish you said to me

Sorry that I pulled the it's not you, it's me
One day I'll make sure you get a real apology
I'll waste my time, I'll waste my life on idiotic things
Like things you never said, things you'll never say to me

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