Canción 'Dayz Of Our Livez' interpretada por Bone Thugs N Harmony

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Bone Thugs N Harmony

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DAYZ OF OUR LIVEZ es una canción de Bone Thugs N Harmony.


'Dayz Of Our Livez'

Dayz of our livezbone thugs-n-harmonyalbum: set it off soundtrackbone bone bone bonewasteland soldierthese are the days of our livesi be strugglin' and hustlin' and thuggin' it forevercome and look deeply in my eyes...i be strugglin' and hustlin' and thuggin' it forever and everbone... gat 'em... for eternal warfare...only time will tell who dies (x2)these are the days of our livescome look deeply in my eyesthese are the days of our livessee the murder mo the lies (see the murder mo)(these are the days of our lives)these are the days of our lives(these are the days of our lives)1-now come into my world and you can see that we are more than thugs (more than thugs) with just a little twist of harmony bud smokin' lethal warriors now come into my world and you can see that we are more than thugs (more than thugs) with just a little twist of harmony bud smokin' lethal warriorseternally thugs but now i come tellin' them soldia storiesme daily collectin' my lesson withouta good question without any questionstressin no restin me jammin this blessin'shouldn't be angry rangin' cause once this worldwas bringin me down mesmerized controlledby the otha side not knowin' who was in my town lookin 4 mebut he won't get me in time f.. withbone in tha glock and these rhymes we rhymebetta believe it's all tha time nigga we ridewe straight up soldiaz (soldiaz) ready and i told ya(told ya) we walk before we go rolland nigga we ride all of y'ally'all my dogs if you call if you fall you can bet on thatnigga that i will be there lean on mebut let us get rid of tha enemystrictly for singin that wild wild if you think you can hang(rpt 1)thuggin' in the studio y'all know we roll hydro every timewe rhyme i'm high look at me deeply in my eyes i risestay on top of the gamenowhere did i had to run no way did i had to turnsherm but a lot of these niggas won't learnwith the money that i earn won't burn so come againbetta watch that mac-10 nigga this one's for me and myfriends we steadily rollin' i told yakeep bringin' mo' platinum they know us pap pap put it all in tha ground yeah boneyeah we used to get downwith tha clack back put it on the ground now get downnow it must be cops stroll when i roll ina hindo indo standin' all out of my window singin'little eazy bless his soul it's so cold (so cold)but he doesn't got stress for the peeps the streetsand none of these ponies homies call me screw em puffed uptha weed and smoke(rpt 1)and it ain't no mystery the fist of weedand i betta put it inname sneakers little ripsta scripture sistahwhen you see me i don't want that weeders say they inbaby don't we have to give up one for my friends twinny twin, twin not once did i give up defeat soso who wanna bag who wanna bag you wanna bagyou wanna bag you gotta bagso send him off the docks til my niggas off himacross the road, only my lord can tell who diesso pick up the puzzle and pieces and put itto get tha of our livesmy lordy lord maintain it's hard cause i'm a soldia at warcause everybody wanna try to pick out tha devil in mebut tha evil that's betta than mehe keeps me at ease take notes cause here we comethat murda mo coming to carry you oh you ohthey comin' to see me pullin' me gauge outand put it up to ya temple and we'll blow your brain outony bud smokin' lethal warriors(rpt 1...)(only time will tell who dies)(come look deeply in my eyes)(see the murda mo the lies)(these are the days of our lives)source: kirill grouchnikov <>