Jimmy Buffett

Letra de la canción

I once knew a poet who lived before his time
He and his dog Spooner would listen as he'd rhyme
Words to make you happy and words to make you cry
And then one day the poet suddenly did die.

But he left behind a closet filled with verse and rhymes
And through some strange transaction
One was printed in the Times
And everybody's searching for the king of underground
They found him down in Florida with a tombstone for a crown.

And everybody knows a line from his books that cost $4.99
I wonder if he knows he's doin' quite this fine.

'Cause his books are all best sellers and his poems were turned to song
They had his brother on a talk show though they never got along
And now he's called immortal, yes, he's even taught in school
They say he used his talents, a most proficient tool.

But he left all of his royalties to Spooner his old hound
Growing old on steak and bacon in his doghouse ten feet 'round
And everybody wonders did he really lose his mind
No, he was just a poet who lived before his time
Yes, he was just a poet who lived before his time.

Jimmy Buffett
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