Did I Do It


Letra de la canción

OK OK you want to fuck wit me? Come on.
Who put this fuckin shit together?

[Chorus: (x4)]
Did I do it?
You fuckin right I did it! (Alright)
Fuckin right, fuckin right

I got's to get it when I do it
Make sure your ass feel this
Don't want nobody style used to be
Bitch cause I'm still it!
(In your own words could you explain your style?)
Ow owww! Bad like who? ME THAT'S WHO!
I'm the pussy cat!
Y'all muthafuckas ain't ready!
We gonna be hung, I'm not the nigga
I'm not that nigga I'm not that nigga
But I'm the shit
That's how we do it when we kick it
Bum bum bum, HERE I GO!
I can't fuck with my damn self, I I know
Walkin through your mind, look what I brought with me
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water
Back to the boulder
No, I serious, can't nobody find
Who put you on the fuckin map? (Me, that's who)
Ahhhhh! No, you, won't, know
Did I do that? Fuckin right I did it


Lemme see, you lackin creativity
Tryin to bite my style like fingernails
Tryin to sound how I sound, on my tongue with every single name

Slow down, T don't, damn
Watch yourself, and they can't
Fire point blank to the back of it
Four five six time the bitches
Never exercising, you gon get to big for your britches
The man right yea!
I ain't comin here for no foolishness
Sides, not much any one of y'all niggas can do with me
Speakin like one of them Puerto Ricans
Fuckin right I did it!

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