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DIDNT EVEN KNOW HER NAME es una canción de Bread del año 1972, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Guitar Man.


'Didnt Even Know Her Name'

Didn't even know her namebread(james griffin and david gates)should've kept on goin'but the hurt was showingwhen she looked at me that wayi had to stayi knew i had to get to know her namethe town was wearyshe was to marrysomeone planned years agoher eyes said noi knew i had to get to know her nameand when i got her all aloneshe told me through the tearsthat she didn't really loved himbut he'd waited for so many yearsshe said she couldn't break his heartshe'd rather live with hersand though i told her she should leave with meshe just could not believe with meshould've kept on goin'better that than knowin'that he made her his wifehe took her lifeyou know i didn't even know her nameyou know i didn't even know her name

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