Letra de la canción

You can be so cold
And it hurts (me) as much as it hurts him
And I know it's partly my fault
If you had said so

Here's my sweater
It makes you look so young
As long as we're together
It's my favorite one

And it's partly my fault
Cause I've done so many things
To make you hate me
And it had nothing to do with me
Now I wish you'd take it back

I got your letter
It makes you seem so old
And since we're not together
Please come home

Yes I still love you
But I guess it's unconditional

The car lights are on
The red lights are visible
In the shadow of the door
And again o n the floor
Sixteen seconds
Maybe more

Summer is over when you close your eyes
Story was over when you closed your eyes
Song was over when you closed your eyes
Everything's over when you close your eyes
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