Once agian...its christian orona
aka divinelifegiver
Representing his crew
the soi...it goes like this:
Well im rocking for christ everyday of my life
at the age of 13 i gave in and he gave me sight
i was one of the untouchable, a backslider
but god cleaned me like windex does a wiper
I've been doing amatuer thing for too long
its time to give it all to god, my song
i want to make it clear what he did
he took this little kid and he freed him from sin
What he did was so divine
what he did was clear my mind
Whats the meaning of divine you ask?
its the everlasting god not hiphop or rap
we are all just pieces in his master plan
he's ultimate healer, he's my #1 fan
I praise him, in song and in prayer
he is everything, my lifegiver
and unto him i sing a new song
jesus christ first forever come on!
What he did was so divine
what he did was clear my mind
Seeing as how i was sinner and i need a savior
it seemed i was untouchable by my unusual behavior
but ive seen dark and light, good and bad
my lord jesus christ remade what i had
I was putty with no shape or make
i was an emcee without a mic to take
i was lost, without my lifegiver
so now i give to him, my deliever
What he did was so divine
what he did was clear my mind
Im an emcee but i rock mics for christ
he pulled off a mircle bringing his boy to life
i thank him everyday so i can be good as him
but in the end im still on the road to sin
Im never gonna be as big as jesus
chances are most people wont believe
but when im second to christ
whats the shame in being next in line?
If you had the choice to stand next to the father
would you step up or not even bother?
if you had the choice to stand on the cross
would you give you life for all humanity at your lost?
I thought not...

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