Do You Know del álbum 'Firefly'

Do You Know

Uriah Heep

La canción 'Do You Know' se estrenó en 1977. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Firefly

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All you seem to do want to do
Is break my heart
Seems to me
We're a lot better off apart
Time was when you took
A pride in puttin' me down
We'll I've some news for you
That's gonna turn ya around

I got no time for no crazy lady
And the games you want to play
'Cause a love like mine's
Gonna take some time
You can't save it for a rainy day

Well, l do you know
Do you know
Do you know what
I'm trying to say
Love's not a game
It's never the same
You gotta live your love
From day to day

Lonely days are long and
Sad nights are so black
Then I get right down thinkin'
Maybe I could take you back
Till at mornin' light
A new face appears at my door
As a kinda reminder that
I ain't seein' you no more

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