I be dat nigga Lil lowa ballin out of control
pockets on swole
dats how x blocc roll
im throwed like
ludacris I got hoes
like flip I got flows
like o I get yo's
strapped wit 4 4's
kickin in does
I work all day cause my blocc don't close
I do what i suppose
stay flippin o's
probably so blocc
whips and some expensive clothes
I riding on vauges
stoppin at corner stoe's
I get my hustle on
after I do my show's
all these druges get sold
this could never get old
its kinda hard fo me to fold
all dis money I hold
rolled up a fat blunt
kickin it like a punt

you know the blocc come on the first of the month
I on the money ha'
and I refuse to loose
I'm gon be acting a fool
while I cruise on 22's
give me a lot of hoes
all I need is one life
give me alot of doe
all I need is one mic
dis x-blocc
dont hate we bout to run it
im Lil Lowa represent 3200
so fucc how you feel
im rolling wit six mill
dis a x-blocc boy
so chill fo' you get killed
the game is real
and I got to hustle strong
I got me a zone
and I aint leaving to its gone
like ray stone
ride big bodies on twangs
throwin' up my gangs
cause its a x blocc thaaang



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