All My Life del álbum 'Demons and Wizards'

All My Life

Uriah Heep

La canción 'All My Life' se estrenó en 1972. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Demons and Wizards

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I had a little look
For a minute today
And I told there was something
That I wanted to say

Just sitting there glowing
With her red light on
So I've gotta make fast
And it shouldn't take long

Maybe she will
Maybe she won't
We can get it so together
If she doesn't say don't

I've never ever thought
I was looking for a wife
But I think I could love her
For the rest of my life

I only took one ¿cause
I couldn't take two
I want to make love
And it's gotta be you

Every little thing that
I ever tried to say
Is coming out right
In my own kinda way

Take it, make it
It really feels fine
She must be Lady Luck
If she's gonna be mine

I will love you all my life

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