Blind Eye del álbum 'The Magician's Birthday'

Blind Eye

Uriah Heep

La canción 'Blind Eye' se estrenó en 1972. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Magician's Birthday


Stranger than the sunrise
Darker than the night
Fiercer than a rainstorm
This is man's delight
This is man's delight

Weaker than a moment
And hot as any fire
Blinder than the blind eye
This is man's desire
This is man's desire

I ran to a place in the open sea
Where I pledged
My life to the sun
It was good for a while
I could laugh, I could smile
But when I woke up one day
The sun had gone

So what of my meaning
What am I trying to say
What of my caution
I'm a man anyway
I'm a man anyway

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