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Somebody Told Me - Letra


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There’s a stream from the mountains
That finds its own course
There’s a seagull in flight
It glides and it soars
Cross the boundless blue sky
Over deep shoreless seas
There’s a dance on the waves
A dolphin song over reefs

Somebody told me there’s a leaf in the wind
There’s dew in the morning on the new buds in spring
Somebody told me it’s a right to be free
The wind and the waves freedom for you and for me
Somebody told me

There’s a window that open
You eyes to the view
There’s a town full of life
Mountains misty and blue
There’s a ship in the yard
Gliding into the sea
They put in soul and heart
And named it “liberty”


There’s a young couple dancing
The tightest embrace
There’s and old couple watching
A smile on their face
Faces wrinkled and aged
But their eyes shining bright
The choices they made
They new had been right

It’s a mirror reflecting-what makes a man’s soul
No life without freedom- the means and the goal


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