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Here's Your Letter Letra


'Here's Your Letter' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco ​blink-182.


'Here's Your Letter'

Cut the skin to the bone
Fall asleep all alone
Hear your voice in the dark
Lose myself in your eyes
Choke my voice
Say goodnight as the world falls apart
Fuck I can't let this kill me
Let go
I need some more time to fix this
Here's a letter for you but the words get confused
And the conversation dies
Apologize for the past
Talk some shit, take it back
Are we cursed to this life?
I'm talking to the ceiling
My life just lost all meaning
Do one thing for me tonight
I'm dying in this silence
The last star left in heaven
Is falling down to earth and...
Do you still feel the same way?
Do you still feel the same way?

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