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I noticed you ain't been around lately
I recognize there is a sudden change
I notice you haven't been calling me
I'm starting to see, that things are not the same
Lately I have been reaching out to you
Boy you haven't been returning my calls
And even when I say, I love you
I notice there has been a slight pause

Please tell me what do you think it could be.
Headache, tired, or cheating on me?
Said I'm tired of all this up and down mystery
Please answer questions from one, two, three.
Do you love me? Lost Interest? Is he cheatin'?
Oh ladies help me out.
Do you love me? Lost Interest? Is he cheatin'?
Said I'm tired of all these ups and downs
Do you love me? Lost interest? Is he cheatin'?
Fellas tell me what you're thinking
Do you love me? Lost interest? Is he cheatin'?
Here's the reason why I ask these things

I was giving him the best of me
But my best stopped being good enough
I'm telling you I will do anything
Talk about a woman who loves tough
and now he's coming home real, real late
I let him know its starting to bother me
He never once even touched his plate
and no response he just went to sleep.


Used to take me shopping all the time
Used to go club hoppin' all the time
Where you were I would be all the time
Now all you do is leave me (behind boy)
Used to be your best friend, (remember)
We were close like cousins (remember)
Used to give me lovin' (and now)
All you're doing is trippin' (ladies what do you think?)


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