You Shoulda Known Better - Monica

You Shoulda Known Better


Letra, canción


'You Shoulda Known Better'

Verse 1
Oh I didn't ask to go with you to mexico I really
Didn't need the shoping springs and hair done
Camaros boy if you didn't know it we'll now you
Know I didn't need the furs or the jewlry because
Material things they don't mean much to me and
Ever scince you been gone I've been hold'n us
Down on my ya know?

I never ever cheated I never ever lied so you can
Stop askin askin me why like why I never left you?
And why I kept it real?and why I'm still with you?

(chorus also)
You shoulda known better than to think I would
Leave you shoulda known better than to doubt
Me to leave it don't matter if your up matter if
Your down either way I'm gonna be around
You shoulda known that I would stay by your side
You shouda known your girl was gonna ride or die
And it don't matter if your rich or poor out or in
Doing five ta ten you shoulda know better

(verse 2)
What makes you think that I would forget about
You think about who comes ta see ya every
Saturday and monday I was on my resiver
Oh oh it's me your girl your life your
World my family and friends they just
Don't understand they say I should leave
You lone but I say that they all should
Just leave us lone
Don't you get it it iiit

(both chorus twice)

You shoulda know better ................

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