Foxy Brown

Letra de la canción

Hip-hop, brooklyn

[verse 1][foxy brown]

Damn the rap game then changed
Every time I turned around niggas spitting niggas names
'96 was when the love was real
When big came, and took the whole brooklyn fame
Straight off st. james looking all dalpha don
He threw a party, and bullshit it was on and
B.i.g. spot will never be claim
Cause ms. wallace, cease, and rock will carry ya name
And later on '96 when hovi came and
"ain't no nigga" was the key to his fame
Introducing this little brooklyn girl by the name of fox brown
About to shut this rap shit down and
To the world we was "bonnie & clyde" and
Errthang my nigga jay said I'm ready ride
Then "i'll be" came and skyrocket our fame and

Two million sales later bet I roll the same and...
*re-samples of notorious b.i.g. & nas
[verse 2][foxy brown]

Then nas came and the firm was born
We snatched az & mega and our team was born
I took 'em on puff tour turned around nas gone.
And then the whole crew followed what a hard pill to swallow and
I had to thug it out, and go in the zone and
Rock thirty-thousand on muggfucking own but
I couldn't break down, I couldn't mourn
I got this ill na na blood in my vains I spar alone
Four weeks later puff ended at home at the garden
The show I came up in the thong see i
Can't believe my niggas left me alone, and
I don't buy that shit about puff was treating me wrong
How the f*** we tryna pull weight on this mans tour
At the time puff eight mill the f*** you mad for
That's the problem with niggas
See they worse then broads want a bitch to conceal their scars

*re-samples of notorious b.i.g. & nas

[verse 3][foxy brown]

It's call a vapor soon as you stack some paper
These cowards got the nerve to face ya
They got the gull to page ya
How the f*** you have a lil soldier and replace her with a doldier
But like I told ya fox is a trooper
I walk straight pass you like I never fuc*** knew ya
Listen man I'm the first bitch to sign to def jam
How can't I be the best I'm from the best man
'97 was the year kim came with her best plan
To go straight at her best friend
See I thought it was a cute lil spar
'til I heard her on the flex tape describing my car
Mo' money mo' problems kid I guess you never did expect me to blow this big
And I know my fans won the battle I fought
But understand I keep her breathing I'm her life support

*re-samples of notorious b.i.g. & nas
Until song fade

Foxy Brown
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