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'Down South Posted' se estrenó en 2003. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Juve the Great

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[Chorus 2x Juvenile]
Ay yo we down south posted and we counting our figures
Know how to treat these bitches and how to handle these niggas
Don't paly with us lil daddy because we'll have you in stiches
It's UTP right here and we about getting our riches

[Verse 1: Juvenile]
I pledge aleadgence with the four nickle you niggas know pickle
Cock the pistol point my issue at you and whoadie who with you
Your body ain't nothing but greasle I can see threw the tissue
They gone think you was in gymnastics how this chopper gone flip you
I might have to crash the party if niggas gets me started
Better watch this big glock forty because this bitch gets retarted
Fuck with me shorty I can teach you how to be flawless
NOPD want to see me up in court with them lawyers
Hating planting them charges take a nigga reguardless
Fuck them and duck them though tell them they suck on a hard dick
When we was wilding in the nolia they was calling us babies
I guess the same shit went on in the eighties they still crazy
I'm with it too kind of sneaky know how to get at you
Not trying to have momma crying and miserable
I already know what guns can do
I done seen some of the worst niggas get blown in two
Come on

[Chorus 2x Juvenile and Skip]
Ay yo we down south posted and we counting our figures (Skip says: Ha)
Know how to treat these bitches and how to handle these niggas
Don't play with us lil daddy because we will have you in stiches (Skip says: Pow)
It's UTP right here and we about getting our riches

[Verse 2: Skip]
Yeah she say she love me (yeah) everytime she fuck me (yeah)
But then she saying fuck me (fuck me) evertime we fussing
Skip I'm sick of hustling (sick) boy you just disgusting
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah bitch don't you tell me nothing
All you know is dollars (dollars) dulche and cabona (ha)
Gucci fendi chanel manolo prada all you are is problems
I can't help you solve so when you think just think nah don't invole him (what)
Hang up when you calling (nah) caller id all of them
If it's no number I don't answer ain't no sense in calling
Bitch I'm back to balling like I fell off
Like if I was doing bad I'm gonna tell y'all
What I can tell y'all except suck dick and swallow
Yeah you look good but can you walk like a model
Bitch I pop collars (bling) and I clock dollars
So watch and watch and watch for the shots (pow)

[Chorus 2x Juvenile]

[Verse 3: Wacko]
Man look at bo over there wilding cursing bitches (bitch, ho) smoking joes nah
Got two open charges niggas talking around dro
Sarge and them so smart they spin the bend in regular clothes nah
But whoadie and them so smart before they spin lil one close shop
Slim just got popped for a doja grind and a weed pipe
Guest they trying to sock it to my dog with them three strikes
Fuck that we got bond money nigga we tight
UTP six court cut throat nigga we right
Tyring to get you niggas to understand it's a new day
New jewels, new shoes, new tools, new pay, new trips, new clips, new whips, new kay
A million for my great grandchildren until my due date
The you straight I'm just trying to make sure you straight
Keep them nappy head bitches out your face cousin and move weight
Every nigga working with something dick they do take
Don't you fall off behind a fat ass and a cute face (stupid)

[Chorus 2x Juvenile]

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