Canción 'Dreaming Of The Queen' del disco 'Very' interpretada por Pet Shop Boys

Dreaming Of The Queen Letra y Canción

Pet Shop Boys

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DREAMING OF THE QUEEN es una canción de Pet Shop Boys que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Very.


'Dreaming Of The Queen'

Dreaming of the Queen
Visiting for tea
You and her and I
And Lady Di

The Queen said, \"I'm aghast
Love never seems to last
However hard you try\"
And Di replied

That there are no more lovers left alive
No one has survived
So there are no more lovers left alive
And that's why love has died
Yes, it's true
Look, it's happened to me and you

Then carriages arrived
We stood and said goodbye
Diana dried her eyes
And looked surprised

For I was in the nude
The old Queen disapproved
But people laughed and asked
For autographs


I woke up in a sweat