The Charlie Daniels Band

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Drinkin' my baby goodbye - charlie daniels band
Sittin' on a bar stool actin' like a darn fool
that's what i'm a doin' today
sitting' here drinkin' tryin' to keep from thinkin'
i'm a boozin' my troubles away
well now i couldn't make her stay doggone her anyway
she can't say that i didn't try
pour me another one
i'm finished with the other one
i'm drinkin' my baby goodbye
everytime we disagreed
she was always askin' me
are you a man or a mouse
now that she's gone
she probably thinks i'm home
just a mopin' around the house
she probably thinks that she's the one thing
i just couldn't get along without
well wouldn't it surprise her i got a sympathizer
as long as these bottles hold out
Repeat chorus
Every time i try to sit down and talk to her
it always ends up in a fuss
i tried to reason with her right up to the time
she got on that greyhound bus
it would be better if i could forget her
'cause she sure forgot about me
and if takes all night i'm gonna' do it right
i'm gonna' sit here till i can't see
Repeat chorus

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The Charlie Daniels Band
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