Easy For You To Say de Harry Connick Jr.

Easy For You To Say

Harry Connick Jr.

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Easy For You To Say

The sentimental sun
in his teary sky
says he doesn't want to shine today
you tell me to imagine myself
with another lover
that's easy for you to say
The april that i knew
with her cool soft rain
has turned into a flowerless may
you tell me to go on with my life
as if nothing's happened
that's easy for you to say
Maybe i should quote
the leters that you wrote
i was your mister right if you recall
you tell me not to do it
but you're not going through it
i guess i'm not so right after all
The melancholy moon
is awfully pale
and while his light is dim you seem okay
you tell me there are plenty of fish
in the deep blue see
but the only one i caught
just got away
it's easy for you to say
It's so easy for you to say

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