Letra de la canción

Morning has broken and what do I see
Those same bloody fingerprints following me.
So it's
Backwards and forward and back again twice it don't
pay to be thankful don't pay to be nice.
I don't
Think i'll try it again.

Guilty was all that I felt until now
Go ahead say I'm wrong, but I'm serious how all you
People get up and then don't arrrive late.
Do you
Pray every day and then patiently wait?
I don't
Think I'll try again.

I'm known as The Endomorph.
I'm slow, I go back and forth.
I'm known as The Endomorph.
She's grown attached to the kid. Punishment comes for no reason I've seen, then it
Stays for a while keeping quiet between what you
Said would take place if my big mouth was shut, and I
Pray every day, it's all o.k. but I don't
Think I'll try again.

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