Avec Tristesse

Letra de la canción

A mortal sign ascends from time to time
unto every man that succumbs to deep temptations
on the verge of triumph the poet hesitates and fades
too much emotions cling to tragic lullabies
I feel the dark
i deny existence
i bathe in blood
that flows from me
Fear of deceptions for fear is alive
unable to live but able to die
abandoned so early whilst love was aroused
no meaning to live; to watch my heart pound
I cry for god but i'm ignored
and desperately cry to engrave my thoughts
they have all gone, but left you here
i love you still and ever will
my fate drew me to burial
the life i lived; mistaken one
my pleads for death gone into me
in death's embrace i'll dance with thee
An acclaimed deception, had no reason to live
had he willingly chosen to believe in his will
the empty feeling would have passed by his eyes
for another to witness this final demise
So close to him she lay...
She fell to her knees
i could not hear her heart beat
my tears mixed with her blood
and nothing more was heard


Avec Tristesse
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