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Fast Times At Drop-out High

The Ataris


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Alone at last,
Just nostalgia and I,
We were sure to have a blast,
For you it was,
Just another Sunday,
In a small Indiana town.

I went by the place where you and I,
Wrote our names in wet cement,
And for a moment remembered how it felt,
To have no one understand,
That there's this dream,
And they're not part of it,
How soon we do forget.

The house was gone,
But the piano lingers on,
And so does the fire that,
Burned it to the ground,
You can take away,
All of my rights to see the day,
But you can't take away all my love for the day.

Then there's that time,
That you took me aside,
And said I was not your only son,
Childhood is so fucked up,
I never had any closer friends,
Than the ones I had when I was young,
Alone again,
Just you and I,
Nostalgia waved goodbye,
I think it's time for me to go.

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