Now we're all alone
With miles and miles between
Tell me how you feel
Pictures on my mind
Remind me of a girl
I used to kiss tonight

Never again, will I feel the same
Never again, the feeling
Words just can't explain

Now we're on our own
With mountains in between
I'll tell you how I feel
All those years
Love and tears, in vain

Never again, will I feel the same
Never again. The silence remains
Put up with words
and promises
The rage against the will to carry on

If only we could understand
How to deal the cards
Revival would be in our hands
Many years we held it back
We never said a word
We struggled in our heads

And now it's gone I understand

Never again, will I fear to stay
Forever again, my love for remains
If only we talked
And trusted
We could defy the rain and carry on

Never again, will I fear to stay
Endeavor again, my love for you remains
It's all about trust my love, the way we talk
The way we walk
And we will overcome...



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