Tell me why, i love you like i do
tell me who, can start my heart as much as you
tell me all your secrets
i'll tell you most of mine
they so nobodys perfect
well that's really true this time
cause i don't have the answers
i don't have a plan
all i have is you
so baby help me understand
{what we do}
you can whipser in my ear
{where we go}
who knows what happens after here
Let's take each others hand and jump into the final frontier
{final frontier}
I know you were hurt by other loves before
well i was too, more than a few
you know everyones got stories
everyone's been burned
everybody wants to tell you everything they've known
but noone else knows better
cause no one understands
exactly what it is between a woman and a man
{and who knows who}
can make the mystery seem clear
{i just know you}
so just hold me my dear
We take each others hand
and fly into the final frontier
{final frontier}
And all around the world
you see people giving up on their love
and what they've got
they tell you it's all too hard
and it's so hard
and then they run because they're scared
well who's not
but they don't know what i know
cause i know that look in your eyes
and your smile
and i know all your secrets
i know all your charms
i know what it's like to be lying in your arms
yes i do baby
Well here we go
let's trust our love will percivere
{don't you know}
it's love only that got us here
we take each others hand
we can fly into the final frontier
{final frontier} to fade out


Anita Baker

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