Canción 'Flicker' del disco 'Some Kind of Zombie' interpretada por Audio Adrenaline

Flicker Letra y Canción

Audio Adrenaline

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FLICKER es una canción de Audio Adrenaline del año 1997, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Some Kind of Zombie.



Have I become a target that some people can't resist?
My flaws have become a greater risk
If my name is a synonym to love and
Happiness then why am I bombarded with distress?
My old friends, haven't seen them since I don't know when
But I can send them a signed eight by ten
My sweetheart she understands why I'm away
But still it gets harder every day

But it's my delight, to sing all night
'Til the sun comes up again

After all my cross isn't hard to bear
It is heavy, I am weak, but you are there
There are times when I am down and feel undone
You pursue me like I am your only son
My old flaws you've overlooked and put to rest
They're farther than the East is from the West

But it's my delight, to sing all night
Till the sun comes up again
Yes it's my delight, to share a flicker
Of your light
Just a ray of hope to a friend

I've spent about twenty four hours in a flying J truck stop
I haven't had a shower and 'bout to drop
It really doesn't matter if we make it all up