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'Free' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco She Hangs Brightly.


I fell asleep in the silence
Before the street fights the fire
Free in the world that you've given
Lay in the sound,
The water still calls,
Still calls
Afraid of the dark that surrounds me
Hide in the dirt of the ground
Free in the wind that surrounds me
I'm not afraid to sleep in the night
Not afraid,
To sleep in the night
Free like a bird of the holders
Holding the wake of the sun
I know the road that you send me
I know the way it leads to home
Real like the bones in my body
Real like the flesh that covers the grave
It's real,
Like the flesh
That covers, The grave
Wait for the guards that you send me
Before I'll show myself,
Wait for the storm that comes to me
Maybe I'll just change my mind
Plea for the will of forgiveness
I'm not afraid to say I was wrong
I was wrong
Maybe I won't
So long
So long

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