Destiny Fulfilled - Free

Free Letra

Destiny's Child


Free (Letra/Lyrics)

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
I think I gotta take some time
And clear my mind
'Cause if I don't
I might SCREAM

Scream out loud
In a little bit
Ima tell you what I'm talking bout

Ladies (ladies,ladies)
If you know what I mean
When you're in love
And give your everything
(tired of that happening)
Oooh, this time it's for me
After you've bein doin you
I'm gonna do me

Let me tell you by singin it
Instead of tellin lies
This story specifies
Why I can't deny your love

You're always here and there
Finally I appear
Ima keep it real
With you

ain't no feelin like being free
When your mind's made up
And your heart's in the right place
ain't no feelin like being free
When you done all you could
What was missunderstood
It's all good
ain't no feelin like bein free
I'm like an eagle set free
And finally I'm looking out for me
ain't no feelin like being free
'cause my mind's made up
And my heart's in the right place

Hold em up, wait a second
I gotta get something off my chest
My happiness with your happiness
I lived in (free)

You and all your needs
Let me speak
It's best I do
What's best for me

Now ladies (ladies, ladies)
I've got my mind back
I've been there
And done that

(no lookin back, no)
Ooooh this time its for me
Either you gonna do you
I'm gonna do me
I'm free

Time, is of the essence
And especially too short
To waste another minute on you

While, you stare there
Tryna hide
I'm back in here saying
Thought you were my dream come true


No, it isn't being left out
You might have forgotten
Didn't deserve my love
I've had enough
Set me freeeeee


Can I get some lovin?
Can I get some time?
Lovin in the mornin
And it don't matter how

I gave you everything of mine
I gave you everything you needed
But you just didn't do right
(no, no)

So baby now I'm leavin
It feels so good to be free
Yeah, yeah
Ooh ooh ha ooh ha
free free (repeat few times)


Yeah I don't want to hear it
No no no no go get up outta here
I don't want to hear it
No no no no go get up outta hear


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