'Fuck Me' de Vanilla Ice (Hard to Swallow)

'Fuck Me' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Hard to Swallow.


[Verse 1]
As I continue the journey to get your eardrums straight
Now pay attention to this flow, there's no reason to hate
Now watch me show your state, and let me state how I do it
Sit back and just listen to the music
You get sucked up in this melody
Hell'll be the ones that lay down and get caught up in their jealousy
(Huh) They're telling white lies, Now realize, I caught it from the top
And I can see it in your eyes

You're the fool in the suit
You're the fool in the suit
You're the fool, you're the fool, You're the fool
Fuck you - there ain't nothing you can do
You wack bastard - and there ain't nothing you can do
Fuck you - there ain't nothing you can do
You wack bastard - nothing you can do

[Verse 2]
Like a phony acting like that you was my homie
Like genuine you tried to ride me like a pony
I'm the only that's gonna shine, so forget it
You critics who wasn't with it
Mad cause I flipped it back on ya'
Blowin up the spot like kazinsky on safety
Blaze another track cause I'm simply hot to trot
Gotta make a knot, get the people into it
When I do it, grab the cash, and shake the spot
Now tell me if you know how I'm coming, nose running
To get a glimpse at the most stunning and cunning
And never will I change a format and now you know
I can't go for that


Fuck that bullshit...you fucking...that shit sucks... you weak bastard..
Fuck vanilla ice...he sucks...he eats shit...fuck vanilla ice
(Yelling) I hope you got more shit than that you weak motherfucker!

And there ain't nothing you can do
And there ain't nothing you can do

[Verse 3]
One short life and I can't die
Some got more pricks than a motherfuckin porcupine
Still I'm waiting, waiting to die
Cause I burn like your mother says, boil like your father's pride


Fuck you...you white ass...bullshit...corn-fed trailer park...bitch..
Fucking...fuck you...cheap, worn out...yuppie...bastard...wack ass..
Ice ice baby, ice ice biaaaatch!

Ha ha ha

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