The Blues Brothers

Gimme Some Lovin

The Blues Brothers


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Gimme some lovin'spencer daviswell my temperature's rising and my feet are on the floortwenty people knocking 'cos they're wanting some morelet me in baby, i don't know what you've gotbut you'd better take it easy, this place is hot chorus:i'm so glad we made it, i'm so glad we made ityou've gotta gimme some lovin' (gimme some lovin')gimme some lovin' (gimme gimme some lovin'), gimme some lovin' every daywell i feel so good, everything is sounding hotbetter take it easy 'cos the place is on firebeen a hard day and i don't know what to dowait a minute baby, it could happen to youchoruswell i feel so good, everybody's getting highbetter take it easy 'cos the place is on firebeen a hard day and nothing went too goodnow i'm gonna relax honey, everybody shouldchorusgimme some lovin' (gimme some lovin') i need it(gimme gimme some lovin') i need itooh, gimme some lovin', every day, every day

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