Fall Out Boy

'Growing Up' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Fall Out Boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend.


I dried my eyes, now I crust them with sleep
I'll crust them over
She begged me \"don't hate me\"
She spun me a story
Where winning looks like losing
And I win every time
So thread spools sweetie, get ready
Until my silk is sold

Growing up [Repeat: x2
Yeah, I'll myself a new [Repeat: x1]

I've dried my eyes, now its \"Rushmore\"
I'm deep with futures like Chicago
Glenview never meant a thing to me
She never meant a thing to me
Except for putting idealists in a body bag
Forget it
I'll go out tonight to piss on her doorstep
And listen to the misfits \"where eagles dare\" to swallow whole

Growing up [Repeat: x1]


Whoa-oh-oh, I guess I'm my own better half [Repeat: x1]
Whoa, oh,I guess I'm on my own
Yeah, yeah,I guess I'm on my own
Yeah,I guess I'm on my own
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I guess I'm on my own

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