Heart Of A Champion - Letra


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'Heart Of A Champion' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Sweatsuit.


I guess he's back 'urr dirty, s-t-l derby
I'm like magic to Kareem, man you tell me I ain't worthy
I ain't speaking 'bout a jersey, I'm speaking 'bout income
Did you hear that Elizabeth? here come the big one!
I put mo' money in the community than you got in yo' budget
I wipe my ass with yo' advance to the toilet then flush it
My last stance be a stance of a general custard
I hot dog cause I can, I got the cheese and mustard
I got the stats of a hall of famer, in just two records
That's why I'm back up at the Superbowl, with Julius Peppers
I got that can't stop, won't stop, in my veins
That's why they can't stop, won't stop, screaming the name
Nelly! Nelly! go tell a friend to tell a friend
I'ma keep the same grin whether I, lose or win
Up, or down ten, I'ma fight to the end
Let's go

Ain't no way they can stop me now Nelly
Cause I'm on my way, I can feel my ring coming
It's the blood of a champion, pumping
Deep inside my veins, too much pride to be running
I'ma get what I can and more, even if
My blood, my sweat, and my tears don't mean nothing
It's the heart of a champion (it's the heart of me)
(It's the heart of a) in me

I'm the first pick, the first round, signing bonus profound
Playing for his hometown, repping for the home ground
And getting buffer like Michael Riggs, tell 'em again
I gets buffer like Michael Riggs, heard what I said?
The m-v-p of the game, intensity still the same
I'm shooting out from my reign, with Peyton Manning type aim
Can't stop me from scoring so they results are just hacking
So there's, three of us now,- me, A.I. and Shaq'n
From the look to the as I say
Hover man with more heart than Hallmark on Valentine's Day
I'm the one that you've been raven about, like Ray Lewis
I think it hard to go and change your route
Cause you don't know if I'm blitzin' or if I'm sittin' and readin'
Waitin' for you to go and trip, drop back and throw up a brick, man
Ain't no way they blow, know, ain't no way they can, know
Ain't no way they can, know, ain't no way they can, know


It's like a big time decision made on how I can twurk it
If hard work pays off then easy work is worthless
My work habit ain't no habit man, I do it on purpose
I push myself to the limit so my talent'll surface
So now it's, curtains and drapes, on anybody who hates
Dislikin' what I'm recitin, bitin what I've been writin'
I've been dogfightin', scratchin' and clawin' on every height
I'm gonna to make you remember me like you 'Remember The Titans'
Cause I'm a warr-ior, my daddy was a soldier
A Vietnam vet, lil' derrty I thought I told ya
I'm supposed ta, whip up your town in Testarossas
Heatin like Folgers mayne, I'm young black and rich
As good as it gets, and givin' your point guard fits
He think he done seen pressure mayne, but he ain't seen shhhh
Ain't no way they can blow, know, ain't no way they can, know
Ain't no way they can blow, know, ain't no way they can, know

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

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