Canción 'Help Me Down That Road' del disco 'Some Things Never Change' interpretada por Supertramp

Help Me Down That Road Letra y Canción


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HELP ME DOWN THAT ROAD es una canción de Supertramp del año 1997, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Some Things Never Change.


'Help Me Down That Road'

I feel so close to you
'Cause you know you always do
Help me down that road

I go to sleep at night
Feeling that it's alright
'Cause you help me down that road

When I feel I've been beat
You get me on my feet
You help me spread that heavy load

Now that I realize
Just where our friendship lies
It will help me down that road

You think you've seen my best
But you ain't seen nothin' yet
Since you, help me down that road

When life is a bitter sweet
You mix it up a treat
Yeah, you're the best pick up I know

If you don't satisfy
Don't give me the evil eye
It won't help me down that road

When I ain't doin' so well
You never kiss and tell
You just help me down that road

Just when I'm feelin' sick
You give my heart a kick
Then I don't feel so all alone

When I can't get it right
Just when the end's in sight
Yes you help me down that road

I know you'll be callin' me
To see you that I'm OK
I know that you will always be
With me night and day

I could live in poverty, I could be in pain
I know that you'd be there with me
To you it's all the same