Here With Me de South Border

Here With Me

South Border

'Here With Me' se estrenó en 1996. Este canción está incluida en el disco 'South Border'

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Here With Me

Ain't got no time for love
That's what I said
Before I met you girl
And I can't believe

This is happening
It's a dream
Come true for me
What more can I ask for?


You're the light
That shines on me
And all I can do
Is to love you


Everything's so right
Everything's so fine
Everything's so cool
It's like a paradise
When you're here with me

So come and feel me now
Just try to answer
What I'm whisperin'
In you heart

If you ever feel the same girl
Then just touch me
And then warm me
With your sweet caress

Repeat refrain then chorus:

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