Letra de la canción

Hey, how you doing?
It's been quite awhile
Me, I can't complain around
This pistol in my mouth

I guess you heard she left me
That's not really true
She still comes around
But she thinks of someone new

Hey, I didn't mean to disturb you
But really that's all I have now
The ceiling gets closer
And my eyes stay open
Until the sun burns them down

Then I get up and walk around
But I don't remember a thing
My dreams can't find me
And that just reminds me
How far my ascent will be

Would you believe if I told you
She stood right outside our door
She lost her housekey
And wouldn't wake me
Slept somewhere else once more

Hey, where you going?
Is that too much for you?
I thought you meant it when you asked
What I was up to

Sorry, I'll leave you alone
You didn't ask for this
I can fix this on my own
I probably won't be missed
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