Keith Urban

Letra de la canción

The cards are stacking up against us
These days our luck is running low
It's hard to explain but a little bit of rain
Seems to follow us wherever we go

Black cat sittin' on a ladder
Broken mirror on the wall
We're not a bit superstitious
No need to worry at all

'Cause when we can't roll a seven
And our last lucky penny is gone
This world can be tough
But I know when our love is this strong
We can make a little luck of our own, luck of our own

The storm is only temporary
But you and I are here to stay
Baby can't you see true love is all we need
So just throw that rabbit's foot away


Oh we can make it baby


We can make a little luck of our own
Yeah, yeah
Oh we can make it baby
Make a little luck of our own
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Keith Urban
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