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Your whole life's about to change in the next twenty seconds
As you glance there's a lady runnin at your car half naked
Bleedin from her neck to her chest and four guys
Chasin her with axes and they look fucking possessed
Without thinkin you unlock the door to lend a hand
Before she gets in the car their approaching and coming fast
Hit the gas and she won't stop screamin
She keeps sayin over and over that she was mauled by a demon
Blood so much blood it was unreal
She's compliant for a second then go nuts and grab the steering wheel
Just calm the fuck down your scaring the shit outta me
I'mma take to the hospital and leave you in the lobby
Your gonna be fine sideswiped in my blindside
By a deuce in the corner with one headlight
Just then I looked her right in the face
And seen two glowing eyes peering out of a pillow case
Now what the fuck is that I think your friends are back
Hey lady wake up your bleedin all over the dash
As I pushed her on the shoulder she turned around and bit me
First the guys with the axes and now this bitch want's to kill me

(Hom-Sha-Bom, Place the spirit and move along
Their coming for you and won't be long) - repeat 2X
(This body doesn't belong to you
This body never belonged to you) - repeat 2X

Now their on the side of us
I can either run this bum off the road or crash into a school bus
I'm lookin out and see one of my front wheels
Go bouncing of a tree and now its headin for my windshield
Pieces of glass are in my throat
And this bitch is in the front seat laughin like its a joke
And I look and see 'em comin ,walkin
They got their axes and their talkin to every man and maybe it was magic
I'm gettin woozy and I'm startin to trip
Cause this bitch must have bit a fuckin hole in my wrist
I feel it throbbin like a heart attack
But I can't think about that and all I see is the end of a bloody axe
Come smash through all of my windows on both sides
And all these hands are grabbin us out the ride
The choke holds applied
And I'm thrown across the street face first
And I'm so weak that I can barely even speak
This must be some kinda colder witch practice
Some sort of a horrific movie or black magic
All the blood in my eyes couldn't hide it
By the screams I heard they must be rippin out her insides

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

I can't see too much blood inside of my eyes
I can kinda make out silhouettes to my surprise
I'm in the clear and no one surrounds me
But across the street it sound just like the Exorcist movie
Screaming, crying, and hard cars flying around
And smashing into the ground its devastating
The strange motha fuckas with axes got us surrounded
I wonder if their gonna kill her my hearts pounding
Drowned in anticipation
I mean if they kill her their killin me and that's a fucked up situation
She changin into a demon with every chant
That their sayin in that language that I still don't understand
And burst of light exploded
And the ground started shakin in the side of a building a portal opened
She doesn't look anything like she did before
she's got the body of a snake with wings and devils horns

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

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