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La canción 'Homeboy' se estrenó en 1997. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco My Soul

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A homeboy is somebody that got your back
Whether you right or wrong
Somebody that excepts you for what you are
Not what you got on, what you can do for them
If you lucky enough to have some then
You know what I'm talkin' bout

Friends, how many of us have them
And not that many
The chances of meeting someone these days you can trust is skinny
But, it seems there really ain't a damn thing you can do
'Cause since the seventies, it seems everybody been rolling with a crew

A team, a gang, a posse, or some type-a click
And if your firm ain't thick
Then your squad becomes vixed
Be extra careful or the ones you call your partna

'Cause what they really is, is a busta out to rob ya
And, be weary of strangers bearing your God and gifts
And a wolf in sheeps clothing
'Cause some of why'all ain't knowing

Me and you go back like roaches in the projects
And, we done been through things they still ain't even thought of yet
A good homie is hard to come by
But most times you get done by the ones you trust most

So, I gotta raise a toast
To my tried and tested, and straight up for real dose
Pour yourself some exol, this ones here for you, loc

I don't fly on air, walk on water (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)
Uh, but, I'm damn sure your partner (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
You can count on me to the end (Oh-yeah)
Thick and thin, n****
You can call me homeboy (You can call me homeboy)
If I got a quarter, then you got a dime (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)
And, you can call me up no matter what the time (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
If you watch my back, then I'll watch yours, n****
You can call me homeboy (Call me homeboy)

Now I done met a lot of haters in my lifetime
That I would of smoked if i would of had a Tek 9
But, here I stand as a man, and I'm free to say
I'm hell of glad that my momma didn't raise me that way

And the homies I grew up with
Locs I threw up with
Is the kind of fools that you don't want to buck with
Why does it seem that the good brothers die

And the evil brothers live
And prosper and multiply
Pass the Hennessey to the left hand side
Want some many dirt for the homies that expired

I hope you rest in peace
And, when it's time for my release
I'll meet you at the crossroads dippin in the low-low
But, until then I'ma keep my rolls slow

My flow on tight, and stay rollin with the 4-0
This is comin from the one and only
And like MC Shan said, \"I'll never leave you lonely\"


Me and you is like family
And everybody know that we go back to back
And we go toe to toe
Comin' from the west

Where the sets run thick
Where brothers either bang or try to make a grip
I cross my heart and hope to die
I never lie

I run out on mine
Anywhere or anytime
Me and my homies don't get involved with that he say, she say
But, if you've lost you'll receive a a** whippin with your instant replay

Or, deckin like Tekken
So, show some respect when respect is given to you
And, watch out for the forty too
Fake curve

And fools who got the nerve
To pretend that they was down
When last month they wadn't even around
West coast, East coast, and worldwide

My homies in the pen, and my homies that lived and died
I'm still the same little nappy head brother from the eastside
And, you can call me homeboy


You can call me homeboy, boy, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)
(I got your back, ooh-ooh-ooh)
(You can call me homeboy)
(You can call me homeboy)

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