Tad Morose

Letra de la canción

He sat there so idle just sat on the ground
I watched as he mumbled but
I heard no sound I dared not go closer
I dared not at first but somehow I got there

My son said the father I can not explain
The reason I left you has caused me much pain
I dared not come closer I dared not at first
But somehow I got there

Sometimes I hear them in my mind
Dare I join them now
It's a mended rhyme at a preset time
Join them now or lose them forever a silent mime The final chime just join them now

He did not lift his eyes just sat there and cried Now I know the words I heard him say
I joined him on my knees and then even I cried
He wiped away my tears that's when I heard him say
fuente: musica.com

Tad Morose
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