I Cant Sleep Baby

I Cant Sleep Baby

R. Kelly

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I can't sleep baby (if i)r. kellyalbum: r. kellywhere did it go, my baby, where did it go, my darlingtell me how to get you back in my heart againgirl i must have been crazy, to say that it was overi had to be a fool, to yell out we were throughand now i'm all lonely and feeling down and out, babywhen i never meant for this to end it was so, so crazy of mesometimes a man can say things that he really don't meanwell i'm sorry baby, bring your lovin' back to mei can't sleep babe, i can't think babei can't live babe, without you in my life i can't go on babe, this is my song babydon't wanna do nothin' if i go away babyand i can't do nothin' if you're not around, babycan we meet somewhere and talk about itoh, baby, can we work it outi'm not going to let you go, my babybefore i let you know that i i can't sleep babe no way, i can't think babei can't live babe, without you in my life don't want to go on babe, this is my song babyi don't wanna do nothin' if i...i can't be with you, babyi can't sleep babe, i can't sleep, i can't think babei don't think that i can ever live...just the thought of you being gone keeps me up all night long, oh-ohi don't think that i could ever livei can't live babe, there's just no way that i...oh, oh, oh, oh...babecan't gone on, this is my songsource: late show with david letterman (april 9)

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