Jessica Simpson

Letra de la canción

Remember that blue crystal sky, the sun reflected in your eyes
You kissed me unexpectedly
The moment I just can't forget, we filled the air with promises
And sealed them up so tenderly
But life never asks you what you want, it's just gonna have it's way
And sometimes it doesn't give like it takes

If I never see your face, if wings take you away from me
If tomorrow never happens, baby
If the world comes tumblin' down and crumbles all around us
Fat turns cruel, you're on your knees
Desperate for one truth
Know that I have loved you

Don't think I'll write another letter, or watch another pink sunset
Without thinking about you
I will take a walk along the blue seaside how will I sleep at night?
How will I wipe the tears from your eyes?


Without a single hesitation
Without thought or reservation
Baby, I'll be waiting, even


With all my heart and all my soul
Yeah, yeah

If I never see your face
If wings take you away from me
Know that I have loved you
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Jessica Simpson
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